Where do I start?

I’m increasingly aware that, without really noticing, I’ve kind of written …  a lot of books?  And that this could be a bit intimidating for someone coming new to my work. So here’s my attempt to provide a bit of guidance on what might be the sort of thing you’d like.

Though before diving into anything, I strongly suggest you click on ‘read more’ beneath the book in question, as this will take you to a page with additional information, including potential content warnings. Please do always take care of yourself.

Most of my books can be read as standalones, with the exception of the Arden St Ives series and the Kate Kane series, both of which benefit from being read in order.

I’m looking for something quite weird

I’m looking for something quite light

I’m looking for something kind of angsty

  • Glitterland (a romance with a bipolar depressive protagonist and the Essex boy he falls in love with)
  • Pansies (a romance about a working-class man returning to his hometown and the boy he once mercilessly bullied)
  • The Arden St Ives series (a BDSM billionaire trilogy with pretty much all the angst that implies)

I prefer fantasy

  • The Affair of the Mysterious Letter (this is one purely fantasy title I’ve written so far: it’s queer fantasy Sherlock Holmes
  • The Prosperityverse (technically more steampunk, but it depends what you consider that to be a subgenre of—romance, adventure and magical elements. Also flying cities)
  • The Kate Kane series (fantasy of the urban variety—vampires, werewolves and witches, oh my)

I prefer romance

Do you have something without very much sex?

Do you have something with really quite a lot of sex?

  • For Real (this is really quite kinky, and there’s a lot of on-page sex)
  • The Arden St Ives series (this is a bit kinky, and there’s fairly regular on-page sex)

Do you have something that’s nerdy as all fuck?

  • Looking for Group is half-set in an MMORPG and contains so much gamer slang that my editor made me put a glossary in

I’d really like to jump into a series

  • The Kate Kane series (currently 4 books, soon to be 5—concluding the series. Start here for a half-faery disaster lesbian investigating supernatural mysteries)
  • The Arden St Ives series (a completed bildom trilogy. Start here for an ordinary person meeting a billionaire, getting with him, breaking up with him, getting back together with him. Spoilers).
  • You could also try the Spires books which are thematically connected and have overlapping characters but aren’t a series in the linear sense
  • The Prosperityverse is also a series but the books are, once again, connected by world, theme and character rather than directly following each other

I’d really like to read something without paying for it

  • You can get Sand and Ruin and Gold by signing up to my newsletter
  • You can also download Draconitas, a weird short about bonking a dragon maybe, for free here.

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