State of the Hall 2022

Hello internet. Fuck me, it’s 2022. Like, no, seriously that’s a proper science fiction year. I fully expected to be writing this blogpost from my flying car on Moonbase Alpha in a garishly coloured jumpsuit. Also, I didn’t expect it to be a blogpost. I expected to be dictating it into a weirdly low-tech dictaphone under the heading Author’s Log Supplemental.

I was originally going to start this blog post by giving you a meta-summary of the things I was going to talk about in this blog post. So I sat down and made myself a very organised, very comprehensive list of all the things I needed to talk about in it and that list consisted of “what’s coming up on the blog”, “what’s coming up in writing”, nothing else.

So I guess I’ll start with the writing because that’s the bit that, y’know, pays my bills.

Books ‘n’ Shit in 2022

I mean, I say ‘n’ shit but it’s actually just books. I know my schedule is a bit wild because things keep moving around but here’s where things currently stand and everything you’ll need to know before it’s Xmas again.

Something Fabulous: this is an m/m Regency-set romp that is coming out on the 25th of this month (unless this post is late going up in which case: which came out on the 25th of January). The outfits the characters are wearing on the cover are very period accurate, because the cover designer’s wife does this shit for a living. It is, however, probably the only period accurate thing in the book because the rest of it is mostly just me having a laugh with cool cravats and genre conventions. This book is an Amazon-exclusive so if you want an e-copy that’s only purchasable from, y’know, that vast monopsonic corporate entity but if you want a paper copy you can get them from some indie bookstores. Please support indie bookstores.

A Lady For A Duke: this is also a Regency romance but has a very different vibe to Something Fabulous. So different I’m honestly quite worried that people who like one will get angry with me about the other. This is much more of the, um, angsty ooh my feels school of historical romance. It’s a friends-to-lovers with a trans heroine and a duke because there has to be a duke. That’s scheduled for May.

Husband Material: the medium-length-of-time awaited sequel to Boyfriend Material. Once again, I feel compelled to tell the internet that Luc and Oliver do not get a dog in this book. They may get a dog in the future but they do not have a dog now. Essentially this explores the next stage of Luc and Oliver’s relationship. Because I know there’s kind of a trope with romance trilogies where there’s a cliff-hanger breakup at the end of book 2, I will say there is not a cliff-hanger break-up at the end of this book. That’s coming out in August. I mean, the book. Not a cliffhanger.

Paris Daillencourt is Crumbling: The next in the Winner Bakes All series of baking-and-reality-TV-themed romantic comedies. Because people occasionally ask I should stress that the setup is “same show different couple”, so while the crew of Bake Expectations are coming back, Rosaline and Harry have gone off into the sunset. Our new protagonist, as the title suggestions, is Paris Daillencourt and, as the title also suggestions, he’s having a bit of a breakdown (also, do you see, because crumble is a type of food?). That’s scheduled for October.

Books ‘n’ Shit In the Future

I can talk much less usefully about this stuff because, as a great muppet once said, always in motion is the future. But from 2023 onwards do look out for:

  • Re-releases of the Spires books in fancy trade paperback with bonus extra material, followed by two new Spires books, one of which is Dom the Dom’s story, and the other which … okay, this is embarrassing but I genuinely can’t remember off the top of my head which one I sold. Because there’s a lot of potential Spires stories I could tell. But it’s one of those. Definitely one of those. Help
  • Further expansion of the ‘Boyfriend Material’ universe which I think is known generally as London Calling (and, sadly not, God Save The Queens): one such book being, The Amnesia Plot (working title, spoilers the story is a play on the amnesia trope) which involves an old universe friend of Luc’s who we meet briefly in Husband Material. But do watch this space.
  • More historicals. These being, Something Spectacular, which the sequel to Something Fabulous. The characters from Something Fabulous will have cameos, but this is Peggy’s story. And … Something Else With A Duke In It, which will be set in the same universe as A Lady For A Duke. You do meet the hero of this story playing villain in ALFAD but, yeah, more angst and feels incoming.
  • Mortal Follies (working title): this is another Regency but fantasy this time. Basically it’s the Regency only fairies and the Hellenic gods definitely exist and everyone is kind of chill with that. I mean, until they get cursed, like the heroine.
  • Kate 5 is on my to-do to list but economic reality says that I need to focus on the books that publishers are, y’know, paying me for. I will, at some point, however bring Kate’s story to its something resembling a conclusion. But at least with the release of book4, most people aren’t dead any more.

Everything Else

As much as I adore my existing website, it’s beginning to show its age, and I’ve sort written more books than it can cope with so I’m getting that zhuzhed up over the next few months. Related to this, I’ll be doing a better job of updating my book pages and my FAQs, and I’ve sort of committed in a way that I will assuredly not keep to updating the blog more regularly as well. I mean, I know only three people read it, and nobody blogs anymore, but I feel like I’m, at heart, a blogging person. Which is to say, old and obsolete.  

In terms of the blog, I’m intending to revive the monthly Things I Liked posts, because they were nice and the world is limped back towards a state where it feels less incongruous to be Liking things. The TNG reviews are on kind of indefinite hiatus until I go back to Netflix. As I think I said in my original post, I’m not planning on staying off forever, but I want to have denied them at least some money. To be honest, I’ll probably have to re-subscribe for the next series of Bridgerton because it’s basically work research these days. I might try to find another series to review or something along the same lines as the Grantathon but … I haven’t really been grabbed by anything. I also sort of realised I’d stopped doing board game reviews, mainly because the pandemic kind of got in the way of playing board games. But, again, I’ll see what strikes me here.

Finally, I might—as ever I make no promises—get around to starting a sporadic series of what I am loathe to calling writing advice (I am loathe to call it that because I feel in no way qualified to tell people how to write) which is going to go under the loose and deliberately obscurantist series heading of ‘Free Picks and Shovels’. More of this to come. Or not.

Otherwise, that’s sort of it. Do follow me on the socials as nobody has ever said ever (although if you’re an Instagram person, Mary and I have put together an anti-advent calendar of teasers, treats, giveaways and recommends which is running through the whole of Jan), and you can sign up to my newsletter for up-to-the-minute disorganisation.  Seriously, I’m sort of doing a vague accidental serial in there which has the less ironic than I pretend it is title of Alexis Hall Presents: Gay Bought By The Billionaire. In case it’s not obvious from said less-ironic-than-I-pretend-it-is title it’s an AJH category romance. Because I’m a strong independent person and I need to stop waiting for permission to do things that I want to do.

Happy new year!


86 Responses to State of the Hall 2022

  1. Stefanie says:

    You’re just so good at this whole writing thing. Thank you for updates on your writing life and your humor!

  2. Jeska says:

    As an equally obsolete person, I’m delighted to be one of your three blog readers <3

    Also, it doesn’t have everything, but Boardgame Arena!! BGA came to the rescue for my household and its game night needs in the past year—especially after two of our best game friends moved halfway across the world and we were all feeling especially lonely.

    • Oh gosh yes, we got a lot of mileage out of both Boardgame Arena and Tabletop simulator but some of the ‘take all weekend’ stuff we enjoy doesn’t adapt so well, and you kind of miss having people physically sharing the space. I shouldn’t complain though. It could have been a lot worse.

      And *obsolete hi-five*

      • Jeska says:

        *awkwardly tries to fist bump your high five*

        I’m so glad you’re getting at least SOME boardgaming! I hear ya though—video calls and coordinated snacks can only partially satisfy the craving. (And I’m anxiously awaiting the day that Terraforming Mars shows up in BGA)

  3. Sari says:

    One of the three (thousand probably) reporting for duty. I for one am really glad people are still blogging. Especially if they are people whose thoughts I’m keen to hear. There’s of course an addictive and kind of immediate satisfaction quality to the world of Twitter and Insta. But I still crave long form, deep dive into the internal world of thoughts. So yeah, thank you for making time for this on top of your teeny bit overwhelming sounding schedule. It always helps with the waiting time for more books. For me, especially for the ones with all the feels and all the angst. I’m ready, bring it. When you’re ready to bring it 🙂

    • Thank you so much – I do kind of miss the duelling blog post discourse of YE PAST TIMES. I’m not anti-twitter or anti-micro communication but obviously there’s a lot less scope for nuance in 140 characters (or whatever it is nowadays). And I know Medium exists, which I think is blogging for cool people. But, well, here I am?

      • Sari says:

        And, by extension, here we are 🙂 Yay! And the micro-communication is much fun too. Twitter has been on fire this week. For reasons

  4. Alex says:

    It‘s nice to be in this elite club of 3 people who still click on something called a an article to a blog. 🧐😉 But newsletters are having kind of a comeback- so there‘s still hope.
    Thanks for the entertaining update!

  5. Joel says:

    I don’t read blogs. But I read the absolute shit out of yours.

  6. Kate says:

    Hello! I read it!

    Also, according to you, it was Niall’s book as well as Dom’s you sold in Spires

  7. Jeanne says:

    There are lots more than three who love you and try to read every thing you write. Thanks, as always. Looking forward to both pre-ordered and possibles and hoping I’ll be around to read them all.

  8. Cine says:

    I’m also one of the three (billion?! I sure hope so!) AJH blog lovers. Looking forward to more blog posts and books and everything else 💫

  9. Secret Alter-Ego says:

    “there’s a lot of potential Spires stories I could tell”???? Oh please oh please oh please oh please.

    No, in all seriousness you should write whatever brings you joy and I love them all, but I just want to mention that I will die of happiness when more Spires books come out.

    • I’m beyond delighted for the opportunity to continue the series to be honest. I mean, whatever else went on in 2021, it opened some unexpected doors. I’d close to given up on Spires ever finding a new lease of life and bam. Such a gift.

  10. Maeve says:

    Blog reader number 3 here to say happy new year, and I can’t wait to read everything you write this 2022 !!!

  11. Monika says:

    This is all so very exciting. Thank you for the update and for everything you are doing!

    I also really enjoy reading your Blog even if the posts become more occasional (or whatever). I’m also old school, but they can definitely be time consuming to maintain along with everything else on the internets!

    All the books sound so unique and fab, but I’m really looking forward to the Spires rereleases and new stories. Niall’s story seems like a nice way to round out that series and bring it full circle back to Glitterland? It must be so fun for you to write in that world again. 🙂

    • I mean, if they became less occasional I’d probably be a state of anti-blog 😉

      But thank you so much for the kind words. And, yes, I’m glad that past-me sold Niall’s story. I always met for Spires to go in cycles, or circles, and loop back on itself–because otherwise it’s a bit like ‘hey, why are these very different books even in a series’–so I’m happy for the opportunity to partially close one cycle/circle.

      • Monika says:

        Fantastic. Love closure like that.

        Having just reread Glitterland I am so curious to know what happens after Niall locks eyes with David in the bar and they agree to a “I’d love to take a look at your website” dinner date, which I of course took as a euphemism LOL 😉 *smirk*

        Happy Writing! xoxo

  12. Kirsten says:

    I know FOUR other people IRL who read the blog. But math is hard.

    I wanted to be all Britsy and say “maths” but couldn’t decide if it was singular or plural and getting it wrong would have been mortifying. Which is prolly a lesson of some kind.

    I’m very much enjoying and using your GR reviews as well.

  13. Jeanine says:

    GASP! Delight! You know, after we talked a bit about blogging on GR last night I felt especially wistful for this sort of longform celebration of sharing whatever comes to mind, with no word limits, just time and blank space in front of you. I’m also rather tickled by the idea that this is where all the older AJH readers can come to gather. Like, hello fellow Olds! Come sit next to me and tell me alllll about the new anti-inflammatory diet you’re on because you can no longer eat beans.

    I’m sort of hoping that like the babydoll dresses and Docs of my youth, blogging will also make a comeback. I think there’s this giganto desire in me right now to find other people to truly converse with in a longer and more meaningful way than the brief character limits and etiquette current social media allows. I’ve always been the sort of person who’s like, GRAB A CHEESE PLATTER AND A BOTTLE OF SOMETHING BUBBLY AND FIND A CORNER WITH YOUR PERSON FOR THE EVENING. But being at home for so fucking long over this pandemic has awoken the awareness in me that I actually, like, really need people who are not part of my immediate intimate orbit. Like I love my friends dearly, and wouldn’t trade them for a new model of anything, but there is def something to be said about the experience of new energy and ideas and playfulness finding their way to you, and I’m feeling a little starved for that right now. Which is all to say, blah blah blah, who knoooooows, blogging could come back if other people are feeling this way too and I would be over the moon!!! Also, I’ve never even heard of Medium, which shows that I am too middle-aged to be using it unless I want to be the resident old lady who is like, WHAT’S UP, MY YOUTH! WANNA HEAR ABOUT THAT TIME EARTHA KITT BANGED ME IN AN AIRPLANE BATHROOM? like I’m straight up Pierce Hawthorne. Which… no thanks, pass!

    But anyway, I’m actually really excited that all of your books coming out this year have a different vibe? To be honest, if they were the same genre one after the other, that would leave me less likely to want to read them all. I like variety and everything you’ve got coming out sounds intriguing. I’m not even sure which book I’m MOST excited about because I really want every single one. But I think, I thiiiiiink I might be most YAY for A Lady For A Duke because I’m really, really craving a hyper-romantic read and I want to have a good cry!! The teaser you shared the other day was HEART-CLUTCHINGLY SWOONY. So good. Want more. Plus I’m so excited to see the dress on the cover!

    I really hope it strikes you to update the blog more! But that also feels super greedy to say when you already share so much online. BUT STILL. I will be here with bells on (I’m actually not sure what that means and it maybe even sounds a little inappropriate) if you choose to do so. <3

    PS — I re-subscribed to Netflix at the beginning of the year. I… I don't WANT to admit to what made me do it? But, um, it was Cobra Kai, which I feel VERY ASHAMED OF and it wasn't even a good season! But, yeah, apparently me putting Netflix in the corner for bad behavior ended with STRIKE FIRST, STRIKE HARD, NO MERCY. Uggghhh.

    • willaful says:

      I’m missing Netflix *so hard*. Still holding out though, and they just raised the rates which makes it easier. 😉

      • Jeanine says:

        I didn’t really miss Netflix because there’s so much other content out there and I always feel like I’m drowning in TV to choose from. Even though I have the service back now, I just did The White Lotus, now moving on to Yellowjackets, then might do Station Eleven (all on other apps). So I was maybe even wondering about turning Netflix off again? Sometimes I wonder if having so many options to choose from just adds to the ambient anxiety swirling around. But then you get those shows EVERYONE is talking about and FOMO makes me add yet another channel to my Roku (see above re: Yellowjackets). 

        I find being a conscious consumer so tricky! Because when it comes down to it, most–or even all–big companies have practices and ideals that are not exactly cool since we live in a dome of capitalistic doom under the control of a bunch of dicks. I can drive myself bananas trying to be a decent human being while buying a product. I just had this thing where I was trying to find a sustainable, humanely raised, ethically sourced cat food. Eventually I found a brand that ticked all of those boxes annnnd you could enter the lot code on the back of the food bag on their website to… track every single ingredient back to its source like this was straight up an episode of Portlandia! So satisfying, many thrills! But then after a few months of using it my vet was like, ACTUALLY, you probably don’t want food that includes lentils. UUUGGGHH. And I feel like that’s always the way? I’ll research something for an inane amount of time and then in the end maybe sorta find a halfway decent company or product.

        Um. I’m not even sure if you will see this because I have zero idea how comments on website blogs work? Like I didn’t get an email notifying me of your comment. I just had this tab open in my parade of tabs from yesterday. Oh man, what if someone’s long lost love found them on a website blog, and they replied all, MATILDA, AT LAST! I HAVE SEARCHED SEVEN CONTINENTS & SEVEN SEAS TO FIND YOU AFTER WE WERE SEPARATED BY YOUR BEGUILING & EVIL TWIN! REPLY TO ME POST HASTE SO TWO CAN BECOME ONE, MY LOVE!! and like there’s no email notifications so that love is forever crushed and darling Matilda ends up in a loveless marriage and her twin inherits the family gold. What then?? But anyway, what I wanted to ask outside of all of my rambling is what shows are you especially missing on Netflix?

        • I think you can tick a little box after you leave a comment which will send further comments to your email – at least, I think so? It should be there. Something to add to the re-design if not.

          I, too, have sort of used the opportunity of de-Netflixing to, err, see some other streaming services. I think Netflix are pretty good at positioning themselves as the place all the shows people are talking about are on, and it’s rubbish feeling excluded from the cultural conversation — but, as the fact I still have a blog in 2022 probably indicates, I don’t exactly fret overmuch about having my finger on the pulse of the now.

          I don’t know how the US works versus the UK but I think we have slightly fewer streaming services than you do? We have our basic four channels, all of which have their own free platforms, and then there’s Netflix and Amazon kind of duking it in the lead. After there’s a handful of more specialised channels: I think NOW TV gets all the Sky stuff, Apple is obviously doing its own thing, and there’s a few others like Disney and Britbox.

          I managed to get lengthy free trials for Now and Apple, which means I’ve had opportunity to watch some stuff that would never have got priority had I Netflix been in the picture. Apple meant that I finally caught up with Ted Lasso (which I loved to pieces) and I’ve been watching The Morning Show which is … completely bananas, but kind of compulsively watchable. And over on Now I’ve had Yellow Jackets, Succession and the Righteous Gemstones.

          I have occasionally had the odd Netflix pang (I really want to see The Power of the Dog, for example) but I’m trying to see it as opportunity to not have my watching curated for me by an evil megacorp.

          • Jeanine says:

            The only ticky box thing I see when I hit reply to your comment is a save my name & email blah blah option, but I’ll let you know if anything pops up after I post.

            AHH I love Ted Lasso! It’s so heart-warming & happy-making. I know a ton of people weren’t super pleased with the second season, but even though it wasn’t *as* delightful as the first, I still really enjoyed myself. I can understand some of the negative discourse surrounding the season, but I also really felt like it was the Rise of Rebecca? Which led to great email threads like whether Roy Kent or Rebecca is more bangable (and you can’t cheat and choose threesome), which is the kind of VERY SERIOUS television discussion I am lining up for.

            I’ve been wondering about The Morning Show! Like, wondering if it pits Jennifer Aniston against Reese Witherspoon in an exhausting way. Because I love them both, and I know I’m about to dive in on some actual girl-on-girl violence when I do Yellowjackets, but I don’t think I can take the realistic pitting of career woman vs career woman right now.

            Outside of Ted Lasso I think I’ve pretty much been sleepwalking through my TV picks lately? I really want the second season of Russian Doll to come out!! That would actually be a show I’d keep Netflix for. And I sort of mournfully pine for a third season of Fleabag, but we aren’t getting that, sooo.

          • Jeanine says:

            EXCITING UPDATE!! No option popped up to follow comments or receive email notifications after I posted. I’ll probably keep this tab open for a couple of days in case willaful rolls in with some Netflix recs, because nosily asking them a question, having them take the time to respond to my rambling, and then me not answering back is the sort of thing that LATE NIGHT HAUNTS ME.

            Anyway! Hope today is good to you, Alexis, and to anyone else reading this comment thread!! <3

          • Oh god, this is on me! There used to be a subscribe to comments plugin I used that I … that I have accidentally stopped using? Something else to fix with the new website 😉

        • H. Geranium says:

          Hey Jeanine, just a note to say “Hey, this is a person reading and appreciating your comments.”
          I always struggled to reach the minimum page requirement on essays in school. Which is to say, I don’t write long responses typically. Between you and Alexis it feels like I’m not reciprocating 😉 So be it. I am who I am.

          P.S. I see a “Notify me of followup comments via email…” I’m using Brave as a browser.

  14. Mikey says:

    I’m still all over the blog thing. Your email is one of the few in my inbox that doesn’t get the autodelete. For those of us that aren’t all up in that FB shit, this is still super relevant. <3
    Also, love your shit… so theres that. 🙂

    • Thank you so much – I’m not the biggest fan of Fb myself, to be honest. It’s so aggressive with trying to tell everything into a marketplace post I’m wondering if it might have come to the end of it useful service life for authors.

  15. Melanie says:

    You don’t mention anything about breathing or sleeping this year. I strongly recommend making time for both. I think you’d find them quite refreshing. But only if it doesn’t get in the way of more Spires books, though, obviously.

    • I’m hoping I’ll be able to get more time to breathe and/or sleep this year as the books for it all written, edited and ready to go (bar Paris which is just finishing devs), and next year the schedule is a bit less intense. I think? I hope? Ahh!

  16. Meg says:

    For some reason I didn’t know what the synopsis for A Lady For A Duke was before this post. Now it much be the one I’m looking forward to most!

    • Oh, thank you! I feel a bit bad because a couple of sites have ever-so-kindly put in on their “anticipated for 2022” lists, except they’re all “Richard Curtis-esque romcom writer, Hall, turns his attention to the past” and I’m like OH NO NO, IT’S REALLY NOT A ROMCOM.

  17. chacha1 says:

    It’s thrilling to know there is so much new Hall in the pipeline. I’ve read you obsessively (to the point of having gone back to Post 1 on this very blog and read my way forward) ever since I stumbled into Boyfriend Material.

    Not at all surprised to see you are continuing to work across subgenres. There’s no doubt I’ll be reading all of it, whenever it arrives (as to Kate 5: yes, thanks for leaving us on ‘they’re mostly not dead anymore’).

    Re: gaming; I don’t, but I just viewed the Danish National Symphony Orchestra’s concert ‘Gaming In Symphony’ on Marquee, and loved it so much I bought the cd. You might enjoy!

    • Ah, thank you so much – I confess, I haven’t dared peep at the early days of the blog. I’ve been doing this for such a long time I’m worried it’ll read my teenage diary or something.

      Thank you for the link – there’s some clips on YouTube and it does look amazing. I’m going to sound like an irredeemable nerd but there are some amazing gaming soundtracks. I get a intense heart-pang every time I hear Sea Power’s theme for Ravachol in Disco Elysium.

  18. PL says:

    I am obsolete too and I love your blog! What a splendid update! I am so looking forward to the books being released this year and thrilled to hear about the 2023 plans as well!
    I don’t know which one I’m looking forward to most—they all sound brilliant.
    (But I must say the classicist in me zoomed in on the regency + Hellenic gods 👀 —anticipation levels high for that one!!!)
    You have so much going on! Please know how much your updates and blog posts and Instagram fun (and your prolific writing!) are appreciated. You are making your readers very happy but I hope you’re taking care as well 💚
    Thank you for all of this. And for giving me the opportunity to escape into your books these past two unsettling and chaotic years.

    • *obsolete hi-five*

      And thank you so much for your kind words. Obviously it’s more than enough for readers to, err, just read the books. But it’s so lovely when people give their time and attention to the arrant nonsense I put on public media <3

      In terms of the world these past couple of years … I keep hearing that omicron is, you know, the last wave or something? I mean, they said that last time so who knows.

  19. Shinks3 says:


  20. Chris Zable (AmphipodGirl) says:

    This intimate set of three people is getting more and more crowded (in a good way). I’m intrigued by Free Picks and Shovels; I’ve gotten a lot out of KJ Charles’s writing-related blog posts and think it likely that yours will be quite different but equally interesting and valuable.

    I’m looking forward to your many and varied releases this year. I just re-read Looking For Group — it’s such a balm for my soul.

    I wish you riotous success with all of your upcoming books and cushy contracts for everything your heart most wants to write.

    • Yes, I like this new definition of three (even if it makes me look innumerate).

      KJ has much more experience than me, both as a writer, and as an editor, and in publishing in general so her writing posts are very much the work of someone who knows what they’re talking about. Mine will certainly … err … not be that?

      I’m so happy for the love for LFG, I’m afraid all the computer game references will be well of date by now though. And thank you so much for the kind words <3

  21. A says:

    As someone who saw myself in Peggy, I can tell you that I had some seriously warm fuzzy feelings when I read that Peggy is getting a book. Thank you.

    • Ah, thank you! I hope her do her justice as a hero/ine – but she’s already a pleasure to write. Mary is preparing a little peek of Something Spectacular for the Insta anti-advent calendar if that’s your thing.

      I’m also just thrilled by how supportive Montlake (the publisher of that series) have been in general about letting all the queer happen in all directions: whether mainstream publishing is going to react positively to non-cis folks is … is never guaranteed.

      But when I said I wanted to write Peggy’s book (and that her love interest was also not going to be cis) they were nothing but excited and supportive.

  22. Christine Maria Rose says:

    Very excited for all the stuff coming out this year and next! Your books are always a high point in my reading life.

  23. Lea says:

    Well dang! I came here to be Reader #3 and discovered that many others had beaten me to it! Thanks for blogging – I read every post. And given how many books are coming up, I hope that you’re writing full time now!

    • It’s all right, I’m like a Troll from Discworld, except my numeric system is based on powers of three not four.

      And thank you so much for the kind words about the blog. I will try to do a better job with actually updating it.

      Publishing works on a 1-2 year delay so everything that’s coming out this year was actually written last year: basically I think this year will settle for me whether this is a … you know. A real thing I have here? Or an extra I do on the side of my dayjob. Either way, it’ll be okay 🙂

  24. Carolyn says:

    I’m yet another regular reader if your blog, and I’m always recommending it to other people. I look forward to your blog posts nearly as much as to your novels.

  25. Maarja says:

    Another one of the three checking in! 🙂 Being old (school) as well, I love the blog format and especially your blog! Also, I’m in awe that you have time for that plus so many different writing projects at the same time. So much to look forward to!

    • I think it’s just one of those things where … it’s not like, if I didn’t blog or read, I’d do more writing? Like, how much writing you can physically/mentally produce kind of tops out, or at least it does for me. So doing something writing-related on the side makes me feel that I’m not failing at my job.

  26. Анна says:

    Greetings to everyone in our close circle) there will be a fight for number 1, 2 and 3 someday 🙂 and I hear stories that only old people do something from kindergarten.
    When I was a child (and this was in the 80s), in my country other children were forced to read. To love reading, and even more so to invent all sorts of stories and write them down in a notebook, was then considered VERY outdated by my peers. Something that was done back in the 19th century or something like that 🙂
    Then I had a cousin brother and sister, their childhood fell on the 90s, and these children did not want to read at all. I read them books aloud at night before going to bed – they loved it. In their view, I was also something like a Victorian nanny 🙂 And it was still an era before the Internet and smartphones. We didn’t even have game consoles.
    Now I understand that there is no such thing as obsolete when it comes to what you like.
    And blogging is certainly not an obsolete thing. At least as long as you and the three who read it like it)
    I am one of those people who enjoy your blog posts.
    And it’s cool that you only have plans for the future. I love your books.
    Have a good day

    • I mean, I think with BookTok and everything reading is finally cool again? Maybe? I don’t know. So it’s not that you were archaic, you were just very ahead of your time 😉

      And thank you for the kind words about my blog. I’m just a wordy person so long-form is kind of my medium, as much as I also enjoy the instant connection of social media.

      • Анна says:

        With me, with a lot of text, there will be no problems. I just love reading longreads.
        As a child, I chose books in the library by thickness. After all, there were many writers and books, and all were unfamiliar to me. I sincerely believed that the more pages in the book, the more interesting it would be. The funny thing is that at that time this sign never deceived me.
        Now in social networks, of course, it is much more difficult to choose an interesting writer. And how many people are disguised as them 🙂
        You don’t need it. I and many other people are really interested in what you write. And your photos. Or something else.
        It was very simple and there is nothing strange about it.
        When a person sends thoughts and feelings to a huge number of people, there will definitely be those who will hear them and respond.
        So… you have an audience (or friends maybe?) 😇🙃😊

  27. Caz says:

    As another fellow obsolete, I salute you and am happy to belong to such an exclusive club of dinosaurs 😉 Thanks for the update – it’s great to know there is so much good shit to look forward to!

    (Loved Something Fabulous, btw – could have shot Arabella myself, but Peggy is awesome!)

    • Well, dinosaurs are very much the best extinct creatures 😉

      So happy to hear you enjoyed SF: Belle is definitely pain in the arse, but I kind of feel like heroines should be allowed to be. And if nothing else, she is very much a HEROINE.

  28. Ooh, I am excited about all of these but maybe especially Mortal Follies! But honestly, all of them. Yay!

  29. Gosia says:

    I’m soooooo happy that Spires books will be rereleased. I’m planning to be a lucky owner of the fancy paperbacks – that’s my favorite form of books, because of sensory stimulation they are the most fulfilling to read.
    Stop fishing for compliments. You know that millions of readers LOVE anything you write and attack your blog as soon as is updated. You are my favorite writer and I can’t wait for more of your books.

    • I’m super excited at the possibility of having actual trade paperbacks of the Spires books – I had to look up something in GL the other day and the absolutely dire original cover just sort of gurned up at me. I confess, while I’m very aware that books are an aesthetic object as well as a practical one, I’m very much a e-reader fanatic. It’s so convenient. And you never don’t have a book.

      I think it’s a holdover from being a … y’know … not the happiest kid, but I have a legit genuine fear related to not having a book to read. Like, back in the day would literally take an entire bag of them onto a plane JUST IN CASE. Whereas at least with an e-reader I know I’m essentially carrying a hundred. Y’know, JUST IN CASE.

      • Gosia says:

        Believe me I totally understand the fear of not having book to read and I also ALWAYS (!!!) have couple of e-books on my cell just in case, but paperbacks are just more special to me – I treat them like a rare treat, that’s all.
        What I love the most about your books that you don’t airbrush the characters. They are normal people which anybody can actually relate to. Thank you for that, because I’m tired of reading about supermodels-alike everywhere.

  30. Keti says:

    Being this person who started reading blogs when nobody reads them just because “Alexis Hall is writing a blog!!”, I’m really grateful you keep writing it ^^
    I’m a very lazy person, but I spent 2 hours with dictionary reading your “kidney post”.
    Because I really like how you are seeing things and I’m happy you are sharing your thoughts with us.

    Always waiting for your books, blog updates and whatever you’ll write and share!

  31. she-she says:

    please let it be known that i still enjoy blogs and i am delighted to read yours. carry on. <3

  32. Steve says:

    Please don’t ever stop blogging. I really believe that blogs are going to come back into fashion in a really big way, just like vinyl records and fondue. Any time now.

  33. Wendy says:

    Late to this trending conversation, but thanks for the book news, such god stuff ahead already gives a shine to my year. And for continuing your blog. I appreciate your thoughts on things serious and ridiculous, and the variety of topics you focus on…never know what to expect, but read every word, and read out loud random disconnected bits to family. 🙂 take care/be safe

    FYI The blog does offer me the option to “notify me of follow-up comments via email.” with my opening comment.

  34. greening says:

    I am yet another one of the group of three club! (The first rule of group of three club is you don’t count how many people show up to meetings of the group of three club.)

  35. Anne Marie says:

    I’ve just discovered you recently and have read most of your books in the last couple of months and LOVED them! I hate to call out favorites because I loved them all, but I particularly adored For Real, and wonder what the story is with the Jasper novella…is it available anywhere? I’d love to see more of what’s going on with him, the glimpse in For Real was very tantalizing.

    Congrats on the Spires publication in fancy book form, looking forward to more in that realm.

    Love your blog!

  36. Ellie says:

    I love you and I love all your blog posts and I can’t wait for both your new books (especially Husband Material and your two upcoming historicals!) and more blog posts. Seriously, your reviews of things are so good that I read them even when they are of a piece of media that I will definitely not be interested in, because you have such *vibrates* insight. Do you think you’ll be continuing WWCPD? And I can’t wait to read Free Picks and Shovels! (Is the title a reference to something obscure and/or very British?)

  37. A says:

    Dear (How am I supposed to properly address you ?), I read your Boyfriend Material last year and finished Something Fabulous just today, and BOTH OF THEM ARE FREAKING, GOD AWESOME INCREDIBLE.Like, french toast gas a totally new meaning for me. Also why is Bonny just so AMAZING AND SWEET AND KIND AND SO BONNYISH ?! He is a paragon of gay sunshine. And Valentine, oh Valentine. He deserves to wrapped up in blankets with comfort cravats and Miss Blaine’s next book and Bonny culed up next to him. Also, your writing style was mind blowing. Your humor has single handedly given my life new purpose. Like, the James Royce- Royces ?! And Valentine being a villain, a cur, a
    rapscallion, a scoundrel, a cad, a rogue, a knave, a miscreant, and a
    blackguard. And Bonny going all ‘Did your favourite puppy die ? Were you not cuddled enough ?’ I can’t wait for Husband Material. Oliver and Lucien always make me squeal. I just adore Oliver’s entire being. He is so, so very cute. And Lucien is freaking awesome. I still remember the part about sweet Lucien thinking,’ Because of course he has an airing cupboard.’ That part made me crack up. Oliver laughing, pulling Lucien in his arms, holding him close in bed is so precious. I want to fast forward to the time Husband Material comes out, because it is one of the books I desperately want. I’m now going to think about Bonny and Valentine in a meadow. Thanks.
    (I do understand that I might not have made any sense. My mind is very chaotic and occasionally ceases to function, especially when I get my hands on a good book and start shipping the characters)

  38. A says:

    Also, the dick pic game !!!

  39. A says:

    ‘ But style, Mr. Tarleton, style is forever.’

  40. A. says:

    Look I wanted to comment on loads of things in this post, but I need to focus on the most important point: why ISN’T it the ‘God Save the Queens’ series?!

    In other news, I read and absolutely adored ‘Something Fabulous’, and I’m so excited about everything else you’ve got in the pipeline this year. Looking forward to all of it, perhaps especially the writing advice.

    I don’t know if this is bad form, but since you mentioned the writing advice, I hope it’s ok for me to ask for something in particular: could you maybe tackle the topic of how you approach and write the internal life/changes in your pov characters? It’s my favourite thing about Valentine, and something I find particularly tricky when dealing with my own characters, so I’m curious to see how you make it work so wonderfully well. xxx

  41. nbromance says:

    Thank you for giving me so much to look forward to! The Something Fabulous audiobook is giving me life right now–it’s really getting me through the slough of despond that is my own current book deadline and the world news. Also just, I really need some queer/nonbinary/trans joy right now. Thank you for this. Do you have any book recs while I wait?

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