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I never quite know what to do with book release posts because once you’ve said … I’ve got a book released today that’s kind of covered it.

But, um, I had a book released today.

It is Pansies.

You can purchase it from all the usual outlets.

Here’s the blurb:

Alfie Bell is . . . fine. He’s got a six-figure salary, a penthouse in Canary Wharf, the car he swore he’d buy when he was eighteen, and a bunch of fancy London friends.

It’s rough, though, going back to South Shields now that they all know he’s a fully paid-up pansy. It’s the last place he’s expecting to pull. But Fen’s gorgeous, with his pink-tipped hair and hipster glasses, full of the sort of courage Alfie’s never had. It should be a one-night thing, but Alfie hasn’t met anyone like Fen before.

Except he has. At school, when Alfie was everything he was supposed to be, and Fen was the stubborn little gay boy who wouldn’t keep his head down. And now it’s a proper mess: Fen might have slept with Alfie, but he’ll probably never forgive him, and Fen’s got all this other stuff going on anyway, with his mam and her flower shop and the life he left down south.

Alfie just wants to make it right. But how can he, when all they’ve got in common is the nowhere town they both ran away from.

I honestly never quite know what to say about my own books. Making claims about what they’re about is kind of presumptuous because that’s up to the reader at this point. And I’m fickle as fuck when it comes to writing, which means the current book is rarely like the previous one … so I get kind of angsty people are going to be disappointed. All of which to say,  Pansies is not like either Looking for Group or For Real. Theme-wise it has some things in common with Waiting for the Flood. Heat-wise it is probably closest to Glitterland. No desserts are defiled in Pansies. Though there is an act of intimacy that takes place on the bonnet of a TVR Sagaris.

Hope this helps you orientate whether Pansies is an Alexis Hall book for you.

And, err, sign up for my newsletter for an exclusive deleted scene. If that’s the sort of thing you’re into.

PS – my website is kind of horribly out-of-date at the moment. I think it still believes Waiting for the Flood was the last book I released. I’m working on that too!


7 Responses to pansies today

  1. Pam/Peejakers says:

    Awww, beautiful banner 🙂 And Happy Book Release Day! <3 <3 <3

  2. Emma T says:

    Happy Release Day! Beyond thrilled to read this newest edition to the Spires Collection.

  3. ancientreader says:

    I dashed madly off to Riptide and I’m enjoying Pansies enormously but must only say: JARNDYCE! OMG. Jarndyce. *snort snort snort*

  4. Sam says:

    Please don’t be mad at me. I pre-ordered Pansies. It is happily on my Kindle waiting for me to leave work. And I have loved several of Alexis’s books. But the cover for Pansies just looks off to me, like the shorter guy isn’t just short but is only a kid (like one of the main character’s kids he is hugging as a parent). It is just giving me odd vibes and I needed to share.

  5. Diana says:

    And what a lovely book it is! Thank you for another delightful read (plus making people look at me funny for shrieking with laughter in the front seat of my car while reading “just to the end of the chapter”.)

  6. Melanie Smith says:

    Ok, just to get this out of the way- I have never reached out about a Book to the author. Not sure why, probably because I didn’t think that I am worthy? Writing seems very formidable adn awe-inspiring to me and my opinion? Not so much.
    Anyway, I am still pretty sure I am not worthy. But this book. These characters. I am reading it over many days (totally out of character for me- normally I swallow them up) because the light coming from your writing in this one is so bright I can only take it in small doses. I think a small part of my reaction (giddy/verklempt/wistful) is based on my angst about ever finding somebody (anybody?) but honestly, these boys. Brave and vulnerable, pissed and happy…reflective and taking a deep breath and deciding to change. I don’t have all the words at all and am probably making absolutely no sense. I just wanted you to know that it is making a meaningful impact on me and I truly appreciate it and you. Thank you.

    • I’m so sorry to be slow replying to this – I occasionally miss comments on old blog posts. I am so so happy to hear you’re enjoying Pansies, and thank you so much for reaching out to tell me so. I mean, I can’t speak for other authors but there are few more happy-making things in the universe that hearing something you wrote meant something to someone else … so, while there’s definitely no obligation to reach out authors, I can’t imagine anyone being anything other than touched and grateful if you did 🙂

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