I do have some free reads, some of which stand alone, if you’d like to, uhm, sample my wares.

I also tend to have boxes of postcards sitting around so if you’d like a personal AJH postcard please drop Mary an email at mary(at)quicunquevult(dot)com and I’ll see what I can do.

And if you’re really into hand-written letters, you can also sign up Alexis Crossing which the latest in the series of peculiar projects I tend to get myself involved in.

Finally, if you’re wondering what happened to Glitterland: Aftermath, due to popular demand (okay, a few people asked) it’s now bundled with the new edition of Glitterland.

Anyway, to the stories:

In Vino

Whoever claimed there was veritas in vino was a rank amateur.

Set during in Oxford and taking place during the events of For Real, this is a short story from the perspective of Dr Jasper Leigh.


In Vino is a Spires Universe extra and is entirely free to folks who sign up for my newsletter–an intermittent, hopefully not too irritating bulletin you can unsubscribe from at any point.

Like Glitterland: Aftermath it isn’t designed to stand alone and won’t make much sense if you  haven’t read For Real. But you absolutely don’t need to read it to understand either For Real or the rest of the series.

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Once upon a time . . . that’s how the old stories always begin.

Once upon a time there was a different prince of different kingdom, and he was not beloved. He was too soft for a harsh land, and so a test of strength was set for him. We took him to the hollow temple beyond the city, chained him to the rock and left him there.

But when the trial was done and we returned, he was gone, his shackles ripped from the stone.

There were rumours about that place: old magic and lost things, and the man with the yellow eyes. We thought we would never see our prince again.

We were wrong.

The old stories always end with happy ever after. But this isn’t one of the old stories. This is a story of princes and monsters.

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