Guild Roster

Character: Morag, Dwarf Champion

Role: tank / heal

Info: Your long-suffering guild leader. My alts include: Fiona (dwarf Myrmidon), Annis (dwarf assassin) and Sorcha (dwarf elementalist). Yes I have a lot of dwarves. Lady dwarves are hot and I’ll pwn anyone who says otherwise.

Character: Ialdir, High Elf Ranger

Role: DPS

Info: I’m an officer in the guild. My professions are leatherworking and enchanting. /w me if you need anything.

Character: Solace, Dark Elf Theurgist

Role: heal / different sort of heal

Info: Officer, tailor, and the only person in the guild who actually likes fishing. /w me if you want help keeping the green bar up while you make red bars go down.  Also fish.

Character: Heurodis, Medusa Diabolist

Role: Imba DPS

Info: bow before the might of bjorn. Officer, raid leader, thrower of DoTS and pwner of noobs. If you need help whisper me because I’ve been playing this game since vanilla and I will be able to tell you exactly what you are doing wrong

Character: Prospero, Human Elementalist

Role: DPS / heal

Info: If you’re a healer, please please join our guild. I am sick of earth spec. I really want just want to burn stuff.

Character: Jargogle, Kobold Assassin

Role: DPS

Info: My name is Magda, I play a physical DPS class, that is all you need to know about me.

Character: Dave, Orc Dreadknight

Role: dps and I really will get a tank spec but I got no gear

Info: hi im dave 🙂

Character: Ignatius, Human Theurgist

Role: heal / DPS

Info: I’m Helen, I have a hench beard, a rockin’ robe and do heals.

Character: Sinderella, High Elf Elementalist

Role: DPS / tank (storm tanking is totally viable you guys)

Info: I’m Mike, I’m married to Helen and the moment they buff storm we’ll make an awesome healer / tank combo.

Character: Mordant, Human Diabolist

Role: DPS

Info: I am a master of the dark arts. Witness as our enemies fall in unholy fire.

Character: Caius, Orcish Myrmidon

Role: Tank / DPS

Info: wtb off-hand that doesn’t look like a dildo thanks

Character: Orcarella, Orcish Dreadknight

Role: Tank / DPS

Notes: best geared tank on the server 😛

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