Waiting for the Flood Extras

Writing always accrues detritus so here’s some bits and pieces from Waiting for the Flood.


Waiting didn’t really have a playlist as such – I listed to Kind of Blue on repeat along with Rainy Mood.

Honestly, I just recommend this as a general thing to do. It is perfect.

That Damn Logician Joke

The question I get asked the most about this book is what the hell is going on with Adam’s favourite joke. Which is the one where three logicians walk into a bar and the barman asks “does everyone want a drink?” The first logician says, “I don’t know”, the second logician says, “I don’t know”, and the third logician says “yes, please.”

Here’s how it works:

The question the barman asks is “does everyone want a drink.” So the first logician answers he doesn’t know because he wants a drink but he doesn’t know about the other two. The second logician answers he doesn’t know because he also wants a drink and he knows the first logician wants a drink, but not the third.

If he hadn’t wanted a drink the answer to the question would have been ‘No thanks’ because he would have known that not everyone wanted a drink because he didn’t.

Therefore the third logician can deduce that both the first and second logician both want a drink and wanting a drink himself he can answer”yes please” to the question “does everyone want a drink”.

And … like so many things in life, isn’t that so much less entertaining once you explain it?

My Favourite Joke

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