OAQs: All the Logistics

Why isn’t a particular sale available in my area?

I completely understand that this can feel frustrating and alienating. Unfortunately my publishers decide which of my books go on sale when, how, and to whom. Of course I would personally prefer that everything to do with my books is as international as possible, but it’s not under my control. I’m really sorry about this.

Why isn’t a particular giveaway available in my area?

As above, I’m aware that this is seriously non-ideal for readers not based in the US and Canada. Unfortunately giveaways are actually subject to gambling laws, which are complicated and vary from country to country. Because of this it is borderline impossible for a US-based publisher (and most of my publishers are US-based) to host international giveaways.

Again, I’m really sorry about this.

Why is a particular book not available for pre-order yet in a particular format or a particular region?

Mostly because it takes a while for all the various distribution channels to synch up with each other. Please just be patient (and try not to shout at Mary) and the book will appear in your region/preferred format. There is nothing I (or anybody) can do to speed this process up I’m afraid.

The only exceptions to this rule are:

  • e-books/audiobooks published by Montlake will only be available from Amazon/Audible. (Paperbacks may be available from non-Amazon retailers.)
  • e-books/audiobooks published by Kobo will only be available from Kobo.
  • if I am working with both a British and a US publisher, while audio and e-book dates will match, the UK edition of the paperback may sometimes come out later.

Will there be an audio version of a particular book and will you be able to get a particular narrator to narrate it?

I’m afraid I don’t have control over either of these factors. I sincerely understand the value of a stellar audio performance, and I’m grateful to all the actors who have narrated my books so wonderfully, but it’s not within my power to insist that an audiobook is released, or that it is narrated by a particular person.

Will you write a sequel to a particular book?

This is complicated but, um, probably not? It’s not that I don’t want to (and I’m super flattered you liked a set of characters so much you want to spend more time with them) but whether a publisher wants a sequel is a business decision. Chances are, if sequel isn’t available, it’s because there isn’t an opportunity at present for me to write one or else I feel I’ve left the characters where I want them to be. This doesn’t mean I don’t love the books and don’t value your enthusiasm for them. It’s just the way the industry works. And I do try to leave my characters in good places at the end of my books – I might not go full HEA, but HFN for sure!

Can you please get me an ARC or audiocode for a particular book?

I’m afraid I’m not involved at all in the distribution of ARCs of my work. I leave this entirely to my publishers so you’ll have to go via one of the ARC-request services (NetGalley or Edelweiss) or contact the publisher directly. I don’t think it’s right for me to intervene in this process because a) I am getting in the way the publisher doing their job and b) it would inadvertently set up a two-tier system of ARC-distribution between those who felt confident enough to approach the author, and those who didn’t. And I do believe ARC-distribution should be as fair as possible.

I’m even further removed from the audiocode side of things because this either is a different department in the publishing house or an audiobook production company that the publisher liaises with on my behalf. Once again, for audiocodes you’ll have to make a direct approach.

I do hope you understand.

What do I do if I can’t find a copy of a particular book from your back catalogue?

Not all of my work is available in all formats and all territories at all times. In general, if it’s not there, it’s not available, but a search engine is your friend here, as is my books page, which Mary and I try to keep updated with links to my available work.

That said, please do be aware that some of my books have had multiple editions and you can occasionally find paperback variants of early editions going for hundreds and hundreds of pounds on second handbook sites. Do not, under any circumstances, purchase these – unless you are specifically looking for a first edition for some reason. My books are, and should be, available for reasonable prices.

If there’s a film or a TV made of a particular book, can you–

Whatever you’re about to ask, whether it’s about format, actors, the screenplay, the distributor or anything else, the answer is “I don’t have control over that part of the process.” And even if I did, I know sod all about screenwriting. If one of my books was ever optioned for film or TV (which is super rare, and even if a book gets optioned, it’s even rarer that it would actually get made) I would under no circumstances attempt to micromanage other professional people trying to do the jobs in an area where they have far more experience than me.

Yes but what if there’s a film or a TV and it really sucks?

Well, that would be a bit rubbish. But I’d still be very, very paid. And while I take my work seriously on my own behalf, I can’t be responsible for what other people do with it. Plus getting paid means I am more likely to be able to continue to write books because publishers like authors who make money. So while I wouldn’t say I was cynical about potential future adaptions, I am aware that (nearly!) anything that draws attention to an author’s career is broadly positive for the author, as is anything that makes money for the publisher. Though obviously I’m not saying any of this in a moral vacuum. If I ate a live shark that would probably generate a fair bit of attention, but not in any kind of useful or appropriate way.

I don’t like the cover / audio narrator / paper quality etc. of a particular book. What are you going to do about it?

Um. Nothing I’m afraid? You’re very entitled to those feelings, and I would never argue with you about them, but these are all aspects of book production, packaging and secondary media that I have very little control over. It goes without saying that I don’t love every cover I’ve ever received, or every aspect of every piece of secondary media associated with my books, but they were still created by someone. Being rude about that in public, whatever my personal tastes, would be really gross?

Okay, what if I don’t like the book?

Again, that’s totally your right. And you have plenty of places to express that, be it by Amazon review, your personal social media or on Goodreads, none of which need to be “directly into my face.” I mean, obviously if you do want to tell me this directly to my face or by making sure I’m copied into your scathing review that’s also your right. I’m not going to argue with you or impinge upon your reader space. But do be aware, you’re probably going to come across as though you’re behaving quite rudely to me, which will be uncomfortable for both of us.

Will [x] book be translated into [y] language?

Maybe? While I wish and hope all of my books are made available to as many readers as possible, I’m afraid I don’t have any control over which of my books get translated into which languages. But if it’s possible for a particular translation to happen then it definitely will. You can find all current translated editions here. (Mary & I will try to keep this as up to date as possible.)

Will there be hardcovers of your books?

I’m afraid that’s something I have no control over. Publishers decide formats, with romances typically published in paperback.

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