OAQs: About Specific Books/Series


What’s this Spires thing?

My feeling is that even contemporary-set romance stories to an extent take place in imagined worlds. So even though they’re not direct sequels to each other, my contemporary romances often have overlapping characters, ideas and settings. Spires is how I refer to this collection of thematically linked but otherwise standalone stories. Currently, they’re GlitterlandWaiting for the FloodFor Real, and Pansies.

Will Niall get his own book?

Niall will get his own book! It’s called Fool’s Gold, and it’s part of the very exciting deal I signed with Sourcebooks Casablanca, that will see Glitterland, Waiting for the Flood, For Real, & Pansies repackaged and rereleased. Also part of the deal will be a book for Dom the Dom (from For Real) called Rough Ride.

Will Glitterland ever be available as an audiobook?

Yes! It is! You can find out all about it here.

Will you write any more about Ash and Darian?

Currently there’s a sort of epilogue-type thing called Glitterland: Aftermath which is currently bundled with a copy of the book. I may do something else with Ash & Darian in the repackaged edition of Glitterland. But that very much depends on what feels right to me and my editor.

Will Jasper get his own book?

As with most things in publishing—you can never say never! But my dance card is very full for the foreseeable future. However, In Vino, a short story (and previous newsletter freebie) featuring Jasper in all his hot-mess glory will be republished in the upcoming rerelease of For Real.

Kate Kane Paranormal Investigator

When is book 4 coming out?

It’s out! Right now! More information here.

When is book 5 coming out?

I sincerely hope, late 2021. But it really does depend

Why does Kate define as a lesbian, not a bisexual?

Because she does not currently fancy men at all in any way. My experience is that quite a lot of gay people have heterosexual relationships at some point because there’s an awful lot of social pressure to do, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re all secretly bisexual. Of course, that’s problematic because it supports this idea that bisexuality doesn’t exist or is somehow cheating. Basically it’s complicated and, in this specific instance, I came down on the side of a homosexual character who has had one arguably heterosexual experience rather than a bisexual character, but I think either would have been a valid call to make.

Did you really give Kate purple eyes?

Yes, it’s sort of meant to be ironic. The idea behind the books is that Kate is the slightly Mary Sue heroine of a YA romance who has since grown up. Part of the inspiration for the character, in fact, was that I’ve always wanted to know what happens to those girl after the book ends, because there’ll come a point when you’re 25 and your boyfriend is still a 17 year old vampire.

Can I buy the Kate Kane books in paperback?

Yes and no? Basically the situation is: books 1-3 are traditionally published but in ebook only. Books 4&5, which are self-published, have / will have paperbacks simply because I wanted to make them 🙂

The Prosperityverse

Will there be any more books or stories set in the world?

Again, it’s a never say never situation. But–as much as I have loved writing stories the Prosperity stories–right now it’s not super not close to never.


Is there going to be an epilogue for Arden & Caspian?

As much as it was a privilege being able to spend the amount of time I did with Ardy & Caspian, I think their story is done? And I do feel I left them very much in love, and in a good and hopeful place? You are free to feel differently, of course! 😉

Can George / Nathaniel / Ellery get their own books?

If I ever get the chance to revisit the world of Ardy, then I would absolutely love to write books for George, Nathaniel, & Ellery. (Please bear in mind, though, that if anything were to happen on this front, it wouldn’t be for quite a while yet!)

Boyfriend Material

Will there be a sequel to Boyfriend Material?

Yes! Husband Material should be releasing in summer 2022! I’m beyond thrilled to not only be able to continue Luc & Oliver’s story, but to also write another book in the Boyfriend Material Universe. The Amnesia Plot is a queer amnesia holiday romcom (about a different couple) and due for release in 2023.

Sand and Ruin and Gold

Will you ever republish Sand and Ruin and Gold?

Due to the length, it doesn’t feel worth it? Hence it feels better suited to being a newsletter freebie for new subscribers. (You can subscribe here if you are so inclined.) If I do decide to do anything else with it, it will go in an anthology I have tentative plans for, with the & Other Monsters shorts also included. (Fair warning: this is unlikely to happen for a while as I do want to write some more for this collection when I have the time – but contracted writing commitments will always take priority.)

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