OAQs: About Me

Is Alexis Hall your real name?

Nope, it’s a pseudonym. I have a day job that I love very much, but it’s not compatible with writing queer romance.

Isn’t Alexis kind of a girly name?

It depends where you’re from. In Eastern Europe and the UK it’s applied liberally to a wide variety of people.

In America, so am I told, it’s a girl name for girls. But I’ve long since got past the developmental stage of believing girls have the lurgy, so I don’t mind.

Is it okay if I contact you?

Absolutely it is. Please visit my contact page for more information.

Why do you talk so fast?

Because I’m horrendously self-conscious.

Quicunque Whu?

Quicunque vult salvus esse is the opening of the Athanasian Creed, roughly translated as ‘whoever wants to be saved’. The Creed itself is often known by its opening words quicunque vult or “whoever wants to.” Which naturally became early 19th century slang for prostitute. I just think it’s an amazing little piece of linguistic mischief  and encompasses rather a lot of my favourite things (blasphemy, language, sex, history). I am not, however, at this juncture interested in exchanging sex for money  so it’s probably a somewhat misleading name for my website. But I prefer to see it as a kind of philosophy about living, writing and reading. My books, and this site, are here for whoever wants to.

What is this Alexis Crossing thing and is it still happening?

You can read all about Alexis Crossing here. But, in short, it’s a scheme whereby you can sign up and receive a hand written letter from me at some point in the future. And it is definitely still happening. I usually send out a couple of letters of month so if you sign up there is a high probability you will get yours before one of us dies. Yay!

What’s that about merch?

Oh yes. I have a Redbubble Store where you can invest in a range Alexis Hall book inspired merchandise. Please do not feel obliged to buy anything. By picking up one of my books you’ve already done more than enough for me. But if you would like some merch, it’s available.

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