better later than never

Well, hello 2016. And, gosh, didn’t you come around quickly? I was going to do some kind of wrap-up of 2015, like I did last year, but it sort of encapsulates something about the year just gone that I, well, didn’t. And then I was going to do a sort of resolutiony post for 2016 but I’ve kind of missed the window for that as well. Also I find resolution posts a bit depressing since nine times out of ten they persist as an ever-lasting testimony of my failure to live up to them.

2016 news in a nutshell for the six people who are reading this blog but aren’t on the newsletter and yet are still interested enough to want to know what’s happening with me:

  • Glitterland has just been released on audio (voiced by dudeHawke from Dragon Age 2 for anybody who knows that means) and is currently available on Audible.
  • Prosperity will also be released on audio later in the year (also voiced by Hawke by Dragon Age 2)
  • For Real will also also be released on audio later in the year. This will not be voiced by Hawke from Dragon Age 2, but please don’t hold that against it
  • My unbelievably nerdy contemporary m/m, Looking For Group, will be released sometime in August.
  • There’s also two historicals on the horizon, Nettlefield, my not-exactly romance, about a priest and a prostitute, and a work in progress that too superstitious to talk about until it’s written.
  • Potentially another contemporary but see above regarding superstitiousness.

I was honestly kind of in a panic at the end of 2015 because I thought 2016 was looking pretty empty. But that turned out to be entirely untrue and I’m really excited about All The Things. I’m also back on Twitter, for them as care, and the website has a new lick o’ paint.

Actually, having said I don’t like resolutions posts, the one resolution I have made for 2016 and do intend to keep to is that I want to this blog to be a little more light-hearted. In the spirit of which, I’ve been meaning for a while to write a series of posts about board games. Because board games are fun, and I talk about them a lot on social media, and half the time people don’t have a clue what I’m going on about. So, err, that’s my blogging plan for the next few weeks and months. Assuming I remember have a blogging plan, of course.

Otherwise, happy 2016. As ever you can catch me in Hassell and Hall on Facebook. And please sign up for my newsletter of broken promises. I mean, not intentionally broken promises. It’s just every time I send one out, I’m always like “see you next time for this awesome things” but then something even more awesome happens, so I write about that instead. The awesome thing I’m supposed to be including with the next mailing is a sneak peak at the Prosperity audio but there’s also the possibility of a Nettlefield excerpt. 

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