Privacy Policy

When it comes to your data, I basically want as little of it as possible. I do my utmost to store it only when I have to and I will never sell it on to third party sites. You will always know what data of yours I have and why I am asking for it.

If you have any questions or concerns on your data storage or use, or want it to be updated or removed, please contact me at ajh(at)quicunquevult(dot)com.


My newsletter requires double opt in. Meaning that once you’ve signed up, you’ll receive an email from me requesting that you confirm you definitely signed up and wish to receive my newsletter. On signing up, your email address and IP address are stored by Mailerlite, as per their privacy and data collection information.

I use the data requested on the newsletter sign up form solely for the purpose of sending you my newsletter. My newsletter contains news, updates, freebies, giveaways, marketing and sales information directly related to me and my books. Your email will never be sold or shared, or used for anything beyond my newsletter. You can unsubscribe, update your information or request to see what it is or to have it deleted at any time.

Website Comments

When you comment on my site, any data you give (name, email address, website) is recorded by WordPress along with your IP address. I do not share or sell this data or use it for sales or marketing purposes or use it for mailing lists. You may delete or request deletion of your comment at any time.

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