OAQs: About Spires

What’s this Spires thing?

My feeling is that even contemporary-set romance stories to an extent take place in imagined worlds. So even though they’re not direct sequels to each other, my contemporary romances often have overlapping characters, ideas and settings. Spires is how I refer to this collection of thematically linked but otherwise standalone stories. Currently, they’re GlitterlandWaiting for the FloodFor Real, and Pansies.

Will Niall get his own book?

Um. Maybe. I hope so. I know what it would involve, but again, my dance card is very full so it’s just a question of putting aside the time to write it and negotiating something with the publisher to publish it.

Will Glitterland ever be available as an audiobook?

Yes! It is! You can find out all about it here.

Will you write any more about Ash and Darian?

There’s a sort of epilogue-type thing called Glitterland: Aftermath which is currently bundled with a copy of the book. But other than that I don’t have plans to re-visit Ash and Darian any time soon, I’m afraid.

Will Jasper get his own book?

It’s sort of the same situation as it is with Niall. There is, however, a short story from Jasper’s perspective that you can get for free by subscribing to my newsletter (which you can then unsubscribe from again immediately if you want!).

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