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If you would like more information about Alexis Hall you can follow his many social media accounts or sign up for his newsletter. If you would like him to stop talking in the third person, here are some links to blog posts and interviews he … I … oh God I’m really confused now … have done about various books and aspects of writing:

Written Interviews / Articles


Social Media, Mary & Me

I’m around on various social media platforms, most regularly on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. I also have a wonderful assistant called Mary, who keeps me organised and forces me to do promotion. You can email her at mary(at)quicunquevult(dot)com.

Alternatively, you can always leave comments on my blog or sign up for my newsletter.

And, finally, I have undertaken a slightly peculiar project called Alexis Crossing, where you can sign up and receive a hand written letter from me at some point in the, well, fairly distant future. You can read about it here.

Oh and if you want to buy, like, merch? Inspired by my books. I have a Redbubble store, managed by my very brilliant Mary.

Occasionally Asked Questions

This page was getting a bit too long so I’ve divided these into helpful, well hopefully helpful, sections

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